Earth Healing

Earth AccupunctureEarth Acupuncture

Geopathic Stress may be cleared from the Earth using Earth Acupuncture, a technique similar to Acupuncture, where the energy lines in the Earth are needled like the meridians in the body. 
Earth Acupuncture may be used to successfully clear Geopathic Stress caused by natural and man-made disturbances. For example, underground streams, fallen trees, earthworks, digging, drilling, fracking, all types of excavation.
Once a geopathically-stressed energy line is cleared, it will remain so for some years unless some other trauma occurs on the line. These lines can extend for several miles (depending on the course of the underground stream or fault line) so regular surveys and treatments are advisable. In cases of perpetual problems, the erection of some form of standing stone or “needle” may be used to discharge the energy fields.

Where RADON gas is present – increased ventilation of the home is the main remedy used, but Earth Acupuncture should also be applied to clear the underlying geopathic stress.



What Fracking does to the Earth and Us

Natural faults, underground streams and man-made disruption change the background electromagnetic frequency of the Earth, creating geopathic stress lines or fields. These fields may be several feet wide and extend several miles from the point of origin, up and down the course of the underground fault or stream. This means that communities several miles from the point of disruption will be affected.

Studies have shown that this change in frequency causes potentially long-term stress on mammals living above the distortion, weakening their immune systems, disrupting their bodily processes and ultimately causing disease and harm to their wellbeing. 

FRACKING, or hydraulic fracturing of the Earth, creates many more fault lines by the high pressure pumping of water, sand and toxic chemicals into the deep underlying rock. The initial drilling causes considerable geopathic stress immediately, which is then amplified many times more by the continued fracking of the rock. The longer the well is in use, the more geopathic stress is caused.

Furthermore, the stress lines created will remain there INDEFINITELY, long after the well has ceased to be used, unless positive curative action is taken (for example, clearing the lines with Earth Acupuncture). 

Given that Geopathic Stress can extend for several miles BOTH WAYS from the disruption, and the likelihood is that several wells will be drilled on a fracking site, the potential area and number of communities harmed by fracking just a single gas field will be ENORMOUS, like a “starburst” effect.