A Typical House Healing Consultation with Claire


Claire will survey, assess and clear your home or work environment of harmful energies using traditional Dowsing and modern Metering methods.

  • An experienced Member of the British Society of Dowsers, Claire will survey the property for harmful Earth Energies, Geopathic and Geopsychic Stress, and clear harmful energies using cutting edge Earth Acupuncture and Space Clearing techniques.  Balancing the energies will ensure that you are living in a positive “sweet space” which is nurturing and healthy. Positive energies will then be able to flow, and your life, health and relationships will become more harmonious. 
  • Professionally qualified, Claire can also survey and advise on Technopathic Stress and Electromagnetic pollution, resulting from our increasingly technological environment. Using the latest professional metering equipment, Claire will measure and assess the effect of electro- and geo-magnetic radiation caused by WiFi, mobile phones, DECT and similar technologies.
  • By applying Feng Shui principles to assess the energetics of the site, Claire can advise on appropriate ways to improve the beneficial Earth Energies further.
  • A compassionate and empathic Healer, Claire will listen to your concerns and find a practical solution wherever possible.

An initial treatment may last between two and four hours depending on your requirements, the size and nature of the site and what is found there. This will be discussed once the initial survey has been done

After a treatment, the energy lines should remain clear for some years unless further trauma occurs somewhere on the line, for example, fallen trees, nearby house-building, road-cutting, fracking or similar damage to the land.

To maximise the benefits of a House Healing, follow-up sessions are also available: 

  • Regular Earth Energy check-ups - advisable if changes or traumas to the land have occurred since the House Healing.
  • Clutter Clearing -  guided sessions to sort and clear all that "stuff" that just seems to accumulate in your home (very common where there has been Geopathic Stress in a property).
  • Personal Healing -  a personal Reiki treatment or Coaching session is a great way to help you rebalance and move on after the energies in your home have been cleared.


To discuss your particular requirements, please Contact Claire for a free 15-minute telephone pre-consultation.