What People Say!

“I mentioned to Claire that I was catching every cold and bug going around which finally culminated in a chest infection which had me laid up in bed and off work for a week. Claire suggested that she come and assess my house. I was willing to try anything at this point; I was desperate. The results were phenomenal and I now wholeheartedly recommend Claire's skills to anyone experiencing discord in the home."

"Not only have I been healthier ever since Claire came, but my house is now a home. It feels warmer and 'lighter' and is just a happier space. I had the Earth Acupuncture done and the psychic work and I can't tell which made more of a difference. The house is just quite simply happier. Thank you.”

“We were having an extension done on our house.  Once the work was finished things started going wrong.  My wife started crying at night and did not know why.  We went to see doctors and tried everything. Strangely, I felt a change in atmosphere at the house.  We ignored it and four years later my wife wanted a divorce and we were about to sell up and move.  Claire came over and worked on the house.  It’s strange, I can’t put my finger on it, but the house feels a happier place. The energy seems to flow and my children love it here now and have said they never want me to sell it.  Things in life have improved too.   I wish I had met Claire before I started the building work! “

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been SO much better since you have been and tended to the house. The house is so much lighter in 'spirit.'  “

“After 16 months on the market and only five viewings, I thought I would never sell my house, despite being favourably priced and everything looking well-presented. The estate agents were stumped. I was feeling despondent and lethargic and just couldn't see a way forward. Claire came, detected and cleared the geopathic stress and within days I had a buyer! The sale proceeded swiftly and I also had the energy to move at last.”

“Thank you for coming! It really helped me to focus on what we will do next in terms of moving and not to rush things...”

“The energy in the house felt stagnant and there was clutter everywhere. We just didn't seem to have the energy ourselves to do anything about it. Things also kept breaking down and not working for no apparent reason. Then the last straw came when my husband became seriously ill and the future looked bleak. In desperation we called Claire and she came and worked on lots of geopathic stress and the feng shui in the house. The difference is amazing! The house feels lighter and more energised. Life is flowing again, the clutter is moving and, best of all, my husband has defied medical opinion and made a full recovery. Thank you so much.”

“I was worried about the WiFi in our home with all the computers we have and the bad press about mobile phones. Claire came and did a technopathic stress survey and I was shocked to see the meters light up dramatically near so many appliances and things that I thought were safe. Claire was really helpful and gave me advice on what to do about it, which devices to replace and how to avoid too much exposure, even showing me where to put the furniture so that I am sitting and sleeping safely. I feel so much happier about it all now.”