House Healing

house healing 

Is your home making you sick and tired, mad or wired?

Your home can be affected by disrupted natural earth energies as well as radiation from man-made technology (known as "Geopathic" and "Technopathic " Stress).

Studies have shown that these negative energies weaken our immune system and interfere with the body's physical and mental processes, thus affecting our health and wellbeing.

House Healing will identify and clear the harmful energies in your home, enhance the flow of positive energy through the home and create a nurturing and healthy living environment.

Your life, health and relationships can then become more energised and harmonious.

It is a foundation for all healing.


House Healing includes:

Geopathic Stress


Detect and clear distorted earth energies using dowsing and Earth Acupuncture.

Technopathic Stress

Survey your home for harmful technology using professional meters, and advise on safe modern alternatives.

Space Clearing

Clear geopsychic phenomena, unwanted predecessor energies and create a "sweet space".

Feng Shui

Improve the flow of energy into and around your home using Form School Feng Shui.

Clutter Clearing

Enhance the House Healing with a guided Clutter Clearing, to maximise the flow of energy through your home and see instant visible results.



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